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Event Title

NC District FFA Contests and Convntion



ICN Room; Auditorium; Commons; High School Media Center; Middle School Media Center; Main Gymnasium; Kitchen; Lobby by the Main Gym

Do you need any of the following technical items setup?

Microphone; Stage Lighting; Projector

Start Time

3/3/2018 7:30 AM

End Time

3/3/2018 3:30 PM

All Day Event




Who or what group is this reservation for?

NC District FFA/Bison FFA

What activity will take place?

Contests and meetings

Do you need special chair/table setup?


If you need special chair/table arrangement please indicate here

Will need 2 tables and 6 chairs in gym lobby

Additional Notes

I will be using almost all classrooms today for contests in the high school and middle school area. Auditorium will hold a business meeting and delegate sessions in the morning and general session in the afternoon. Kitchen will be needed to serve lunch for FFA members and judges. Expect well over 250 FFA members, FFA advisors, judges and guests for this event.





South Main; East Door to Media Centers; East Elementary to Elem. Office; West Ag/Shop

Doors Open At

3/3/2018 7:00 AM

Doors Close At

3/3/2018 3:00 PM


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