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Next Meeting - Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school media center.
If you are looking for meeting notes or other informative articles, check out Links Documents (on the left-hand side of this page).
See pictures from past Links' events in the Picture Library (on the left-hand side of this page).
New parenting/family involvment websites are linked often (at the bottom of the page).

North Iowa’s Family-Teacher Organization is known as “Links”. Our organization’s purpose, driven from the school’s motto of “Linking Students with Success”, is to bring the families of the North Iowa Community School District together with the staff at North Iowa to ensure a positive, safe learning environment for our students, as well as improve family involvement in our students’ educational journey.

This organization is comprised of K-12 staff members AND family members. Get involved!
Family involvement Links students to success.



 Links Documents

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The Back to School Bash was a blast.
Thank you, Mr. Eichenberger.
You made an excellent human hotdog!


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Research shows that when families are involved in their children's education, the children are more likely to:
· earn better grades.
· score higher on tests.
· pass their classes.
· attend school regularly.
· have better social skills.
· show improved behavior.
· be more positive in their attitude toward school.
· complete homework assignments.
· graduate and continue their education.
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